About us

Claudia Urgu

Artistic and organizational direction

When she realized that being a lawyer didn’t excite her, she ran away from the court with her legs high and founded the Tuttestorie bookshop with Cristina and Manuela. Passionate about children’s literature, she has not stopped running: in fact, she divides her time with nordic competence and effectiveness between training courses, reading advice and the festival with lightning-fast slaloms and changes of pace worthy of Premier Ligue football fields.

Cristina Fiori

Artistic and organizational direction

Cristina is a math and science teacher and a bookseller, a magical combination that gives Tuttestorie order and organization, and a bit of discipline. She orients and guides the public through the latest children’s books with aristocratic grace and, as a recognized master of ceremonies, she has a smile and advice for everyone. When needed she knows how to set straight her intimidated colleagues, as a respected older sister does.

Manuela Fiori

Artistic and organizational direction

She tried to forget a law degree by becoming a journalist, theater organizer and cultural animator. As a bookseller, she takes care of the festival in particular, compiling the hundreds of appointments and guests into an Excel sheet so large that it is impossible to print it with current technologies. In fact, she often daydreams about a monstrous printer. In her free time she paints her obsessions.

Bruno Tognolini

Exploration of the theme and writing texts

Bruno is a writer “for children and their adults”. He has been editing the festival’s texts since the first edition, but be careful: with his nursery rhymes he enchants booksellers, seduces librarians, enchants teachers. The children welcome him every time like a rock star and he, slyly, is happy dressed in unlikely white or flowered shirts that are more reminiscent of fantasy stories than the ’60s: he is the Gandalf of Tuttestorie.

Stefania Zaccheddu

Organization, search for sponsors and management of authors’ tours

Stefania is a tireless cultural operator, so full of ideas and initiatives that sometimes she scares herself. She says she’s anxious but if you see her trembling it’s only because of her passion that overwhelms her in her work.
Between the festival’s organizational secretariat, competiotion notices and reporting, she manages for each edition the traffic of around 80 guests with the security of a traffic policeman and the warmth of a mayor ready to hand you the keys to the city.

Davide Madeddu

Organizational secretariat and management of relationships with guests and international institutions

“Davva” from Cagliari, born in 1986, half linked to the sea of his island, the other half a tireless traveller: in recent years he has lived and worked in France, Greece, Slovakia, toured half of Europe and lived among the Roma people until to become one of them, or almost. He has been working with children since he was a child and despite his thirty years of age, he has not yet stopped playing for a living. Among the passions in which he engages with ups and downs: music, theater, literature, writing, sport and beer (which go hand in hand).

Francesca Succu

Volunteer coordination

Francesca is an expert librarian who has made her expertise available to the festival for years. She is the commander in chief of the volunteers, whom she leads with the tenderness of a mother and the severity of a Prussian general. During the festival she checks that everyone is in their place and she pampers, advises, rewards and punishes with the same grace. With her at the festival everyone feels at home: but don’t ask her to go out earlier than expected.

Pier Paolo Falco

Head of school and school-work alternation

Pier Paolo is a business manager from Sassari and a lover of films that only he sees. He has participated in the festival as a volunteer since the first edition, covering, in a dizzying crescendo, increasingly difficult tasks, from relations with foreign guests to the organization of the delicate aperitif ritual. He is head of relations with schools and of the school-work alternation project which he manages, under the severe guidance of the booksellers, with adolescent enthusiasm.

Giorgia Angioni

Booking manager for public events

Giorgia organizes cultural events, especially for children, but don’t tell her children, they would reply that she is actually partying! As a child, she dreamed of becoming Raffaella Carrà but, struck by the festival the first year, from the second she took her place at the reception desk, she manages reservations and tickets for the workshops with frightening severity. Yes, she’s the nice one if you stick to the schedule and yes, she’s the obnoxious one if you’re late.

Poetry Office

Emanuele Scotto | Matilde Marras

Emanuele Scotto, twice an islander, is the U Direttù of the Poetry Office of the Tuttestorie Festival, created by Bruno Tognolini. If you don’t see him at the Festival, it means he is working at school, with boys and girls. Or at university, with the teachers of tomorrow. For many years he has collaborated with the Libreria and the Tuttestorie Festival and every now and then, between one workshop and another, he mentions a few dance steps.

Matilde Marras is her adult name, otherwise she is called Rima Maldestra [Clumsy Rhyme], which is an anagram, but also the truth. She creates scenes by profession, not because she is capricious: she works in the theatre. Writing scripts has been her passion since she was little, which is why she has now taken it into her head to teach it almost everywhere: in schools, on stages, in prisons, in the streets. At the Poetry Office she is the one who cuts out and hangs the colorful sentences, but be careful that she doesn’t mix them up with each other: she is very clumsy.

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