What is the Poetry Office


And now it’s our turn to knot the threads of thoughts, the tangles of words, the plots of the wonderful intuitions of children, girls and boys.

The string that Matilde Marras and I hold in our hands joins the kilometers of poetic threads unrolled in recent years. As Shel Silverstein reminds us, “we must weave stories with shimmering threads of gold.”

A new adventure begins, but the path was paved by those who preceded us and continue to accompany us:

Bruno Tognolini, Andrea Serra and Valentina Sanjust, with the complicity of the friends from La Tana di Lunamoonda.

A Pump of Sense, a Writing Heart that sucks in the Readers' Stories from all sides so that they meet those of the Books.

The essence of the Poetry Office is in this beautiful definition by Bruno Tognolini.

We will continue to collect the thoughts of children, girls and boys, before and during the festival following the example of Andrea and Valentina, we will hang them out like clothes exposed to the sun and wind.

What do we do at the Poetry Office?

Part of the work is carried out in the months preceding the Festival: it is the first harvest, the first sprouts of the seeds launched in the classrooms of the schools and libraries that welcome our proposal.

After a careful selection, the thoughts are printed on large colored sheets, spread out in the sun and wind on the wires that run along all the open spaces of the ExMà and offered to the eyes of all visitors.

The second harvest takes place during the days of the Festival, in a continuous revival of intuitions, visions, fragments of stories, glimpses of poetry.

Over the years, the Poetry Office has collected thousands of suggestions. A catalog of funny, melancholic, impertinent, biting thoughts, but also a composite and never-finished portrait of what every little girl and boy keeps telling us: it’s me.

Emanuele Scotto (U Direttù)

For information please write to us at this address: ufficiopoeticofestival@gmail.com


The Poetry Office, over the course of eighteen editions, has collected a large quantity of thoughts from boys and girls.

Seven thousand one hundred and thirty-three to be exact.
Here they are!
Because beautiful things must be shared and who knows, maybe they could become seeds from which stories, drawings and rhymes can be born.
And if they are beautiful, share them with us.

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